* I use to like MakeHuman generator when it came out. It was back then when I had very few good looking human resources.
Now, when I look its topology, it seems really bad, and variation is also poor. Looks like there’s only one blend mesh for each race.Also, there is no normal map. Maybe its time to look for something else.

Software List

*  Maya + Turtle + Bonus Tools+ SLMAYA+Collada
*  Photoshop
*  Xnview
*  Substance Painter
* Marmoset Toolbag
*  GoogleDrive
*  Zbrush
*  SciTE
*  Notepad++

*  Daz3D
*  Unity3D
*  ClockStone® FBX Viewer
*  DriverPack Solution
*  IObit Uninstaller